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  • Mark Westbrook

Five Tips For Your HND Acting and Performance Audition

Auditions can be really scary, there’s no doubt about that. But, if you have an audition for HND acting and performance, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting on to your chosen course, and getting the parts you want. Here are the top five tips we have picked out for your HND acting audition:

1.Research. This may seem like a no brainer, but it is one of those really simple tips that will help you go further. Research the acting course; learn about different acting colleges; look into the part; delve under the skin of the character - do everything you can to get into your own skin (as well as the skin of your chosen piece) and be comfortable with your knowledge before you go for the audition.

2.Learn the lines. Again, this may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people fluff it when they’re suddenly in front of an audition panel. Take the time to really get your script into your head; practise it with friends, practise in the shower, give an impromptu performance to a bus full of people - anything to really cement those lines into your head.

3.Stay calm. This is much easier said than done, I know. But it is worth remembering that the panel want you to do well as much as you do; they are on your side! Getting nervous and panicky won’t help you to perform your best, so try a few relaxation exercises to get yourself into a good place before you audition. Meditation and mindfulness techniques are a great way to get a handle on any anxiety you might be feeling. We’ve come a long way from picturing the panel in their underwear (you can do this if you really want to - but it may be a distraction!)

4.Be yourself. I know it sounds like something from a self help book, but being yourself is really important. The people who are auditioning you are the ones who are going to be teaching you on the course, so they need to know the real you - as well as the part you are acting.

5.Think about audition coaching. I’m not talking about using public transport to get to the audition. Acting coaching can be a truly worthwhile investment; getting help from someone who’s been there and done it will massively improve your chances of getting onto your chosen course.

So there you have it. Sounds simple, right? It can be as easy and simple as you make it. Oh, and try to remember why you are doing this. You love HND acting and performance, right? So just imagine how ecstatic you’ll be when you’re offered a place on your chosen course.

Mark Westbrook

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