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Where Can I Train As An Actor In Scotland

If you are looking to be an actor, great! If you are looking to be an actor and study in Scotland, so much the better! There are a great many dedicated institutions at which you can study your chosen art, but there is one that stands out above all the rest… Read on!

Acting Coach Scotland is a small but highly prized facility for learning all about the skills you will need to take you as far in the acting world as you wish to go. Based in Glasgow, ACS will help you become the best version of yourself - and the best actor - that you can possibly be. You can choose a group class, and they also offer private tuition to individual actors and professionals too. Their previous students include Oscar and BAFTA winners, and a great many have found their way into Netflix dramas, Broadway, television series, and credit ACS with a large portion of their success.

They offer a variety of courses, from full time to part time, including a foundation HNC acting course, a one year Diploma in Acting For Stage And Screen, and a 2 year HND Acting And Performance course. 

- The foundation HNC Acting and Performance course offers professional acting training, along with movement and voice training, acting for camera and specialist Shakespeare acting training. 

- The one year professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting features intensive camera training, over 20 public performances, and the chance to create your own show reel.

- The 2 year HND course kicks off in September 2020, and is an exciting new opportunity packed with public performances (including a run at the Edinburgh Fringe festival), stage combat, voice and movement training, monologue training, audition tips - and much more.   

There is so much information to find out about these guys and what they offer that I can’t list it all here; get on their website today and have a browse through what’s there. You will find the courses are far more interesting, filled with more opportunity for acting, and will give you a better chance of succeeding as an actor, than just about any other course out there.

Class sizes on ACS courses are strictly limited, which is great if you get into one - you will be given dedicated one on one support, and you will find yourself doing far more acting and peer supported learning than if you were on a bigger course. Yes, it’s harder to get into this sort of course - but you are the best, don’t you deserve the best training?

At ACS, you will find a huge amount of training, tips and vital knowledge about the acting world. Even better, this will be delivered in a relaxed, informal way so you won’t feel stressed or pressured, and you will come away with a qualification at the end of it. ACS offers you the platform from which to jump into your chosen niche in the acting world, and you will not regret your time spent studying with them.

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