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  • Mark Westbrook

One Year Acting Courses - Are They Any Good?

It may surprise you to know just how much you can cram into a one year acting course - just because a course is shorter than some does not mean that it is any less good. Length does not always equal quality (something my mother always told me… She was talking about acting courses, obviously!) Let’s have a look at some of the amazing things you will learn on your one year acting course:

- Obviously, you will learn acting techniques. This is a given on most acting courses, but the quality will differ from course to course. Look for one that offers intensive training, movement and vocal training, stage combat and improvisation, and offers a good, solid base of teaching in all of these. This will give you a great mixed bag of acting techniques to add to your list.

- Performing in public is something that any good acting course will offer you. Your new found skills are next to useless unless you can display them in front of an audience - preferably one who has paid to watch you, and not comprised of your family members. Look for a drama course that offers you the chance to stand up on stage in front of a Real Live Audience.

- You should look for a course that offers screen training acting. Unless you want to dedicate your life to Broadway, chances are you hanker after the big screen, and acting for the camera is different from other types of acting. Finding a good drama course that will help you prepare for your life in front of the camera is a must.

- Learn about different types of audition. The audition is your chance to shine, to show off your skills, and hopefully get picked for the part. There are different ways of auditioning for theatre, film and television, and you should look for a drama course which helps you perfect each different type.

- Find a drama course that focusses on you and your individual skills. You may find that you are more suited to directing, or that you want to be a writer. That’s all well and good, if you have a course and teachers that are willing and able to note your strengths, and help you develop them more fully.

- Try to find a one year drama course which keeps class sizes to a minimum. Granted this will make them more difficult to get into, but it will guarantee you more one on one time and more support from your teacher - as well as more time spent actually acting.

A good one year drama course will help you become a better actor. The best one year drama course will mould you, shape you, hone your specific skills and get you to succeed in reaching all of your goals - and will stand back and give you a standing ovation when you get there.

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