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  • Mark Westbrook

Questions They Might Ask In My HND Acting Audition

So you’ve picked your ideal course, researched the school; you’ve nailed the monologues, your CV is totally up to scratch and you’ve wowed the panel so far. But what about the interview part? Obviously we can’t guess what a panel will ask an individual student on an individual day, but we can give a broad framework of what they may fire at you, so you can get a bit of practice in.

“Why do you want to study with us?” - Do a bit of research about your chosen course, and pick a few things you like about it. Maybe they have a good selection of techniques you are interested in? Or maybe you like the sound of the location?

“What will you do if you don’t get a place here?” - Tearing at your hair and howling “I shall end it all!” is not likely to get you a place. In fact, it’s much more likely to get you sectioned. Try to come up with some sensible contingency plans, and don’t be afraid to tell the panel you have other options.

“What is the difference between the journeys of your main characters in the monologues?” - It’s a good idea to really study your chosen monologue, so you can get an insight into the characters. This will not only will this help you perform them better but you can then answer questions like these easily.

“Tell us about yourself.” - Obviously, this is quite a huge question! Don’t give them a blow by blow account of your life since you were born, but pick a few interesting facts that relate to your chosen course. Just don’t rant too much about your passion for acting at this point.

“What was the last play you saw or read?” - You should actually read or see a play in preparation for this one, don’t just pick a title and hope they won’t ask you in depth questions about it - they will.

“Why do you want to be an actor?” - This is not the time to drag out the fact that Auntie Mabel said you were the best actor she’s ever seen when you were playing Charades last Christmas. Drama school selection committees hear this sort of thing all the time - try to be original.

“Which actors do you admire and why?” - Try to find some acting techniques in your favourite actors that you can talk about. Stay away from “I like Christian Bale ‘cos I want to be Batman.”

“What are your own strengths and weaknesses?” - Be honest here, but don’t overdo either the strengths or weaknesses. They want to see some self awareness, not too much or too little ego.

Every interview you go to will be different, and there is no telling what a panel might ask you. But, if you are aware of the sort of things they might be interested in knowing then you can do a little bit of prep work to give yourself the best possible chance. 

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