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Who Offers BA Acting Courses In Scotland?

If you are desperate to be an actor and you are lucky enough to be able to study in Scotland, then you are probably wondering which institute you should study at. There are a few out there that offer a BA acting course, so you should have a little shop around until you find the one that suits you the best.


Perhaps the most well known of the institutions, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offers 9 theatre and drama courses. You can choose from BA Acting, BA Musical Theatre, BA Production Arts and Design, or BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practise. They also offer a number of MA courses, if you decide you want to study further. This is a well known, highly respected university and you could do a lot worse than applying here.

University of Edinburgh

You can study a BA in Performance Costume at this university, which is a highly renowned institute that promises to take you to the giddy heights of a Bachelor’s degree (provided you work your butt off and actually get the qualification, that is!) They also offer Masters and PhD courses for those who want to continue their study.


The University of the Highlands and Islands will give you the chance to study on their acting course, the Drama and Production BA. The course offers good training in acting technique, plus the chance to go on and study further, and opens doors into careers of health and well being (such as Drama Therapy). 

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

You can choose from 4 BA acting courses at this university; Acting for Stage and Screen, Costume Design and Construction, Drama, or Theatre and Film. Any one of these courses will open doors for you into whichever niche of the acting world you have chosen, and a good qualification from this university is well respected by the industry.

Edinburgh Napier University

This one runs 2 acting courses which will grant you a BA acting qualification - Acting and English, which allows you to hone your acting skills while also studying English Literature (no, this does not mean sitting on stage reading a book), and Acting for Stage and Screen, which provides relevant and industry-focused training to get your feet firmly on the ladder to success.


If you lean towards a more behind-the-camera-than-in-front-of-it acting course, then the Technical Theatre and Production BA at the University of the West of Scotland is the one for you. You will learn a variety of techniques and disciplines, and you will be taught by leading professionals of the industry.

Whether you are looking for a BA acting course, a chance to gain a qualification in Production, or you’re interested in Costume Design, you can be sure of finding the right university for you at a university in Scotland. This little country has churned out more famous actors and directors than most, so get yourself on that list and find your future.

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