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  • Mark Westbrook

What Should Every Acting College Drama Course Include?

Although, as we know, there is a huge amount of diversity in this world and every acting course is different, there are one or two things that any decent acting college should include in its course.

Public performances

How can you hone your acting skills without the chance to actually act, in front of an actual audience? You need a ton of experience in front of an audience. It's the best place to learn the lessons you need for the real world.

Professional show and voice reel

Think of these as your CV for where you currently are as an actor. Having accredited acting coaches help you through them is an invaluable resource.

Professional head shots

Ok, you can go out and get these done yourself, or rope in your friend who is a keen amateur photographer. But chances are these shots won’t be anywhere near as professional as shots taken by a real life acting college, who know what the industry is looking for.

Spotlight membership

Spotlight is the leading casting platform, which can help connect performers, agents and casting directors. A proper acting course will get you Spotlight membership.  

Acting for a Big Audience

A chance to do your thing at the Edinburgh Fringe sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Stage Combat Training

This is a specialised, but very important part of movement coaching, which will broaden you as an actor and make you more attractive to casting directors everywhere.

Movement coaching

Knowing how to use your body to its best advantage, whether in large expressions or tiny movements, is an essential part of acting training.

Acting for camera

If your end goal is to end up on the silver screen, then you will need practise and coaching for acting in front of the camera, which is very different from stage acting. It’s about much more than not looking directly at the camera!

Mock auditions

Many of us crack and crumble under pressure like a shortbread biscuit under a hobnail boot. Having some really good coaching to make you really good at auditions will take the fear out of it, and make sure you act your heart out without those nagging fears and doubts which hold you back.

A chance to audition for agency representation

Although there is the chance that you will be snapped up like a hot cake by an agent who just happens to be in the audience at one of your shows, this is not massively likely. Having the chance to bag yourself an agent will really help your chances of going professional.

Specialist acting coaching

Even though your mum and dad and grandma and all your friends swear blind you’re a better actor than anyone they’ve ever seen, chances are they may be a bit biased. Everyone benefits from training from professionals who know the industry and are good at their job, and you will be no exception.

If you are looking at a drama course that doesn’t include most, if not all, of the things on this list, then I’d recommend looking around till you find a college that does. This is your dream career, right? You want to be the best that you can be, don’t you? Then you’d better make sure your training is up to spec.

Find out more about full time acting courses at Acting Coach Scotland

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