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  • Mark Westbrook

Should I Go to Acting School?

If you want to be a professional actor, then it's going to require some professional actor training. Although many ill-informed people believe that you can get into the industry without professional training, very very few do.

Acting school is the best place to receive this training. In the UK, there are lots of different drama courses and acting courses, and it might be difficult to work out WHICH of the myriad of performing arts courses would be right for you. But should you go? YES! Most definitely!

Drama School

No doubt, traditional drama schools like the BA Acting courses at RCS, RADA, Central, and the others. These are 3 year degree courses in acting and are considered the very best. As such, the number of people auditioning is very high and the number of people being accepted is very low.

Acting Colleges

Local colleges also do acting courses. They are often quite oversubscribed and the opportunities with them are often limited. In private acting colleges however, you will get a considerably more impressive acting course with a lot more public performance opportunity.


I'm afraid, in the UK, university is still not the place to learn to act. Universities are research driven institutions and they aren't generally interested in training actors. As such, they university acting courses promise whole potatoes but deliver only French fries.

But why?

But why do you need to go to acting school? Because you need to be exposed to plays, practitioners, directors, and other parts of professional training that you couldn't get elsewhere.

One of the main reasons is that you want to be able to make mistakes and acting school is a lot safer place to make those mistakes that out in the real world. Acting courses are usually psychologically safe places where you can try, fail, and pick yourself up and start again.

You really need to investigate these acting and drama courses carefully. Since drama school is so hard to get into, it's too easy to settle for some weak local acting college course which simply cannot delivery anywhere near the same level and standard of acting course as drama schools.

These acting courses will certainly audition you, but you should be auditioning them too!

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