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  • Mark Westbrook

Myths About Private Acting Colleges

If you have only ever been to comprehensive school and live in an environment where private education seems as far away as landing on the moon, a private acting college may be very far from your radar for many reasons.

However, there are a great many advantages to a private acting college. It’s worth looking into a few of the misconceptions about these institutions. Read on…

I can’t afford it! Ah, but actually you probably can. Most of these acting colleges have government payment options, which make them accessible for anyone to apply. Some private HND Acting and Performance courses can be afforded easily by government contribution and paying the rest with your student loan!

They are elitist! Well, it depends what you mean by this. If you think that they are only looking for the brightest, best, most talented students, then you would be right. But you are the brightest and the best, so you should be fine! If you have a bee in your bonnet thinking that they are only seeking rich kids, then its time to put that particular myth to bed. Anyone with talent, drive and ambition can find their way onto a private drama course.

Everyone is rich! Again, time to put this one down. Yes, there may be some students whose monthly income is more than your yearly one - but this is true of just about every area in life. Some people are richer than you, some are not. Get over it. Also, some students may be able to afford the fees because of a lifetime of scrimping and saving by their parents, or have a lot of help from family, so it is not just rich folks who find their way onto a private acting course.

It’s just not for me! This is only true if you are not actually interested in an acting career. Do you want to get into an acting college that will support you, help you unlock your potential and get you on the road to achieving your goals? If the answer is yes then a private college may be the thing you are looking for. Smaller classes, more public performance opportunities, don't discount these acting courses just because they are private.

They are hard to get into! This is true. Any acting college worth its salt is hard to get into; private ones may be more so because they are looking for the absolute best. But, you ARE the absolute best, or you would not be reading this article trying to improve your future chances. Get out there and apply!

If you want to get onto a private acting course, there are any number of excuses you can make to yourself as to why you can’t or shouldn’t apply. But that’s all they are - excuses. Don’t be that person! Grab your dreams with everything you’ve got, and if this means putting down some preconceptions then so much the better.

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