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How To Write The Perfect Personal Statement For An HND Acting And Performance Course

What? You have to write something?? But you’re going to be an actor, can’t you just do them an amazing performance? No, no you can’t. The first thing any acting course is going to see about you is your application and your personal statement, so it has got to be really good, to stand out and give you a fighting chance of being accepted. I know that lots of us really struggle with this aspect, especially when it comes to bigging ourselves up - but trust me, doing it well is really worthwhile and will reward you. So how do you do it, and do it well?

Here’s a few tips:

- Have it proofread. No one wants to read a personal statement that is filled with spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Yes, you’re applying for HND acting and performance, so the performance is the most important part - but a good, well written statement all about yourself is a very important start to actually get on the course. 

- Be honest. Imagine the stomach-dropping awfulness of lying on your personal statement, then getting called out on it when you are in front of a panel of interviewees? It’s not worth it. Big yourself up, by all means, but don’t lie.

- Include all your experiences. Even if you have never had an acting job, tell the reader everything you have done. Almost all of it can be turned to your advantage: so you spent the summer working in a petting zoo? Then you have experience working with animals and children (which we are always told to avoid like the plague), and you can use your observations of humanity in your work.

- Don’t be shy. Don’t hold back! This isn’t an exercise in self deprecation. Tell the reader about all your strengths, and really believe in them. This will shine through your writing and you will come across as confident, mature and well rounded. (Just don’t go too far. No one needs to hear how Auntie Ethel think you’re the next George Clooney).

- Mention your weaknesses. I know this goes against what I have said so far - but being honest will get you a long way, and by stating what you feel needs improvement you are informing the panel that you know you can benefit from the acting course.

- Say why you want to take part in this acting course. Spouting on about how acting is your passion will make the reader roll their eyes - everyone says this. Try to find an original way of saying why you want to be an actor.

HND acting and performance courses are very popular, so there will be a lot of applications. Make sure yours is good, solid and well written, and you will stand out and be accepted onto your chosen course. 

Mark Westbrook

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