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HND Acting and Performance FAQs

At Acting Coach Scotland, we've got drama courses for all levels of commitment. From one to one private coaching and part-time evening and weekend drama courses to our 3 full time courses, we have something for everyone.

Here are our most commonly asked questions:

I don’t have any acting experience, can I apply?

Most people that do a HND Acting and Performance or other high level drama course don't have a great deal of experience. Yes, you can still apply. Experience is a good thing, but a drama course such as ours IS a form of experience too. Experience will help, but raw ability is also always welcome. Don't let a lack of experience stop you from applying.

How do I apply?

Yes, like entry to all drama courses, there is an audition and interview. We only accept 12 students each year, so this is a very competitive audition process. You can apply for our course here by clicking this link and filling out our online application form.

Is there an audition?

Yes, you are expected to prepare 1 Monologue of about 2 minutes in length (classical or contemporary). We will also send you a monologue of our choice and ask you to prepare it to perform and answer some questions.

What opportunities will I have after graduation?

At the end of a HND programme, you could attend further training at degree level, you could go to a degree top up programme at a university - however, our course is intended as a terminal qualification for access into the acting industry. Like other acting courses at local acting colleges, we aim to prepare you to be a professional actor. But unlike other drama courses, we offer you Headshots, Showreel, and Voicereel as part of our package. Furthermore, you will be invited to audition for our affiliated Actors Agency, so you may graduate from the programme with a professional agent already.

Is this course open to international students?

At present, we can only offer places to students of the EU. As the UK Government is in a period of transition with regards to EU Membership, the rules on this may change. Students from Canada, Australia and New Zealand may attend this course on a Youth Mobility Visa.

What is the cost? Is there a sponsorship or funding available?

The cost is £6250 per year (for 2 years). Scottish students and students resident in Scotland can apply to have £1205 of these fees automatically paid for them. The remaining fees can easily be paid from your Student Loan entitlement, which will be up to £6750 each year.

Where is the course based and what age group is it for?

The HND Acting and Performance course is based in Glasgow, Scotland just 12 minutes on the Metro/Subway from the city centre.

What sort of hours does the course run?

Unlike other drama courses at acting colleges, our HND Acting and Performance is a REAL full time acting course. You will be here at least 10-6pm Monday to Friday.

Is this course suitable to help get into drama school?

The experience gained as part of this course would help you improve your chances of getting into drama school. However, if you are interested in improving your chances of going to an acting school for 3 years to do a BA Acting - we would suggest our Foundation Acting Course - details can be found here.

When do the auditions take place?

Applications open in September of each year for commencement in the following September.

How old do you have to be to join the course? Is there an age limit?

You should be a minimum of 17 years of age when applying to this course. However, mature applicants are also welcome. Maturity of mindset is more important however than actual age.

Got another question? Drop us an email and we'll answer within 24 hours.

Mark Westbrook

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