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  • Mark Westbrook

Can I Afford To Go To Acting School?

Money is always the sticking point, for so many things. Let’s face it, we would all be living the life of luxury on a fancy yacht in the Bahamas if money were no object! But back to reality, going to acting school does come with a price. This price can be off putting, as so many of them are - but remember, you are not just forking out for a fancy lunch or for something that won’t last forever. You are literally investing in your future. 

Any money you hand over for an acting course is helping you get closer to your goals of being a world famous actor (at least, I assume you want to be world famous - who wouldn’t?) Investing in a college acting course is going to help you learn new techniques, put you in touch with people in the business, give you worlds of new experience in your chosen field, and generally help you achieve your goals. Try not to think of it as spending money, but buying your way into your dreams.

If you are struggling with knowing how you are going to pay for your chosen acting school here are a few tips for you:

Get a job - I know this is easier said than done. You are studying all the hours there are already, how can you possibly find time to fit in a job? I’m not talking full time hours here. If you can get hold of just a few hours a week somewhere then you will still have time to practise, audition and apply for any acting course - and the money you earn can go straight into a pot to save up towards your chosen college.

Scholarships - It is worth looking into this as an option, as many a foundation acting course will offer scholarships for the brightest and the best. Check individual websites for their requirements, and you may just strike it big.

Student loans - Even in these times of austerity (thanks, Tories) you can still find a lot of financial support from student loans - and you don’t have to pay them back until you are earning over a certain threshold. Take a look at SAAS if you are in Scotland, or the Gov.UK websites for more information.

Crowdfunding - This is where you can get creative. Asking a bunch of strangers for money may seem like a ridiculous idea, but the fact is that there are a lot of individuals out there with a lot of money burning a hole in their pockets who are interested in helping out people who want to follow their dreams. You might be surprised!

So there you have it. Even the most impoverished of students can afford to make their way onto a hnd acting course, and it doesn’t necessarily mean living off baked beans for the whole of your studying career.

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