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Can I Afford To Do HND Acting And Performance At A Private College?

So, you’ve heard great things about private acting college and you want to give it a go? A great idea! A good private college will offer you great support for your burgeoning acting career, including top level training in all areas, plus acting experience and audition coaching. But (there’s always one of those, isn’t there?) if we’re being realistic you must look into the cost of this as an option. That is, unless you’re a secret millionaire, in which case ignore this article completely.

A good private education costs money, because it is not funded by the state. You may also have to look into living costs, if your chosen private acting college is nowhere near your current home town, so there is a lot to think about. You can, of course, take a year out and get a job to save up the money to pay for the course yourself, but this can be a tricky option if you are not living at home and already have to deal with living costs. You could check out the colleges’ scholarship schemes, as many of them will offer programmes to sponsor one or two eligible students.

If you are a student living in Scotland, you will find that your options are drastically wider than someone from further South. The Student’s Award Agency is part of the Scottish government, and offers financial support for eligible students to take part in higher education. They receive applications from literally hundreds of thousands of students every year, and as long as you fit the criteria you stand a chance of being accepted. The website is packed full of useful information and ways you can apply for help to take part in your chosen HND acting and performance course, and you can easily apply through there too. 

Another option is to check out, for a lot of useful hints and tips on how you really can afford to do a fantastic course at a private acting college. You can also learn about all the amazing benefits you will get on a private acting course as opposed to a local college - these include public performances, personal head shots, and a even a chance to have a slot at the Edinburgh Fringe. You won’t get all these great benefits without spending money - but you can avoid spending your life savings on it by applying to the Scottish government for help.

You may have been put off applying for private acting courses because of the perceived costs, but you actually don’t have to be a millionaire to apply for a course that will help you down the road to following your dreams. There is a lot of help and support out there; you just have to find it - and you have come to the right place to do just that!

Find out about our full time HND Acting and Performance course at Acting Coach Scotland - a chance to change your life and launch your acting career.

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