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Can I afford to attend a private drama course?

If you want to pursue a HND Acting and Performance at a private acting college, but the cost of a private drama course is holding you back, I’m here to say that it doesn’t have to.

For acting students planning on studying a full-time drama course in an acting college in Scotland that meet the eligibility requirements for Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS), they will pay part of the fees each year. 

If eligible, you can also apply for a bursary and loan to support you with your general living costs while you study. 

You will be classed by SAAS as either a Young Student or an Independent Student and depending on your classification, you could be eligible for a bursary of up to £2000 which will not have to be paid back, and a loan of up to £6750 (depending on criteria). 

Signing up for a student loan is daunting, however, you will not have to pay anything back until you’re employed in a job with a salary of over £18,330. And then, the Student Loans Company (SLC) will only expect that you pay back 9% of any income you earn over that amount. Interest on the loan is linked to inflation, but you are not required to pay it back over a fixed period. 

For instance, one of the drama courses that we offer is a 2-Year actor course called a HND Acting and Performance, the fees are £6000 per year, of which, SAAS will pay £1205 and the rest can be covered by your student loan (for eligible students).

And remember, at present, if you’re earning less than £18,330 a year after graduation, you will pay NOTHING back at all. 

So what’s next? Check if you’re eligible for funding*, plan a budget, and go for it!  

*you can check your eligibility at

Haley Hartle

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